Monday, 15 August 2011


At last! I have started painting High Elf core units. And better still I finally have time to update and show you where I am at the half way point.

It is a busy time at the University. Now all the students are out of the way we can start some proper research, which means late nights hauled up in front of a data analysis computer or travelling the country presenting our findings! With some nights taken out by actual game playing and visits to parents etc it all means less time for painting (boo, hiss!)... so I am 1 week behind schedule now.

Here are my first 7 Sea Guards:

I'm yet to base them properly and might wait until I have another rank painted up. There is a vast amount of detail on these "Island of Blood" models which is also slowing me down, so I may not reach the 28 I set out to paint but I will complete enough to field a complete unit (albeit with an army of very low points value). As can be seen I have done the 3 command models and 4 rank and file models.

Here is the Unit Champion from front and back:

the Musician:

and the standard flag:

Bit unsure about the runes on the standard. I am re-paint them gold. Thoughts?

The rest of the sea-guard unit was going to made up of modified High Elf Spearmen; which have considerably less detail, but don't look any where near as fancy. So I hit EBay again for another bout of cheaphammering (defiantly a verb!), managed to snap up another 10 IOB sea-guard and 5 Ellyrian Reavers for £6. Some of the sea-guard had their weapons missing (but mainly the command models) so I can now create a second rank of these glorious looking miniatures. I'll be hitting the Chaos Black spray can tonight!

As an aside I now have 15 Ellyrian Reavers which I'm yet to test on the battle field, but I have heard they are even worse than Silver Helms!



  1. Looking good. If it helps, I have lots of Wood Elf bits which include swords for those missing weapons. Being elven weapons, they won't look out of place in the unit and would add a bit of variation.

    Do you want them?

  2. ooo yes please. Might also need to borrow some elves for our battle on the 1st. I will have to work very hard to get all 28 done.

    I have those empire pieces for you to use as statues... will bring those along.

  3. On a side note - Silver Helms aren't bad, they're just not as good as Dragon Princes. Striking first and re-rolling misses makes them horrifying on the charge against most troops.

    Reavers - like my Glade Riders - are now a little pricey for what they do. However, they add manoeuvrability to what is currently quite a 'rush forward and crump em' army you've got. They can zip round flanks and reform as they go, ready for a flank charge of 10 S4 ASF attacks. They won't break units on their own, but a combo charge with the Helms will be devastating.

    Also, you could use them as three fives. Have them zoom about, shooting, redirecting, harassing. Yes they're 100 points per unit, but until you have some eagles they'll give you an anti war-machine option.

  4. Very nice painting, personally i like the banner as is it ties in with the units colour scheme nicely

  5. I agree with Andrew, the banner is perfect as is.