Monday, 29 August 2011


The end on the month is upon me. Bases are all complete. Time to post up my August entry for the 'Tale of X Gamers' competition:

That's 1 Sword Master, 21 Sea-Guard and 1 Great Eagle. A total of 23 models in about as many days (due to being away at the start of august etc). I'm pretty chuffed with the volume for this month, more than I have ever completed before. Here are some extra shots.

My original aim was 28 Sea-guard. A little optimistic really. But I did manage 21 Sea Guard maintaining the standard I have been painting at even for a little core unit. 21 is actually enough to field 2 small units of 10.

But I will probably still field it as a single 3*7 unit. Or lose 1 model and drop to a 5*4 unit.  

The back rank is made up from spearmen warriors with suitable shields and a bow/quiver.

IN my step by step guide to painting girly elves I mentioned I am painting them all with blond Legolas inspired locks. Here is picture of said hair (before I finished the base).

My original army 'plan' was to have a Mage on foot supporting a small unit of Sword Masters. In 1500 point battles I can't afford that and a mounted arch/mage galloping with the Silver Helms. So I needed to fill a space in my Sword Master unit. This guy stepped up to the role:

Over the last 2 nights I had time to complete my Brucie Bonus for the month. I'm playing Cheaphammer's Bretonnians next. I'm borrowing 10 wood elf archers as I didn't finish my 28 Sea Guard. However even just 10 archers took me over the 1500 points. So we decided on a 1600 point game. The gap in points will be filled with a great eagle. Again I was going to borrow that but utilised the last few nights of august to paint my own. I went for a Bald Eagle look (only right for a war against terror in the old world - you know who you are axis of evil!). I also customised the base with a high elf shield, broken spear and a few painted rocks. Works really well. The beak looks fantastic. I tried my hardest to blend the colours.

So that's me. I'll post again in September with my next aim/ambition. It won't be on this magnitude. I have lots of nights away from home coming up, might attempt some more scenery and maybe another 7 Sea-Guard (as if I'm not sick of them already!)

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