Monday, 22 August 2011

Sut an?

Another week and another 7 High Elf Sea-Guard painted. Oh and that final Sword Master I needed (and promised) for the 1500 point army:

These aren't as intricate as the island of blood models. They are from the standard Spearman set and have the bow and shield attached to complete the Sea-Guard look. I only used Shields that depicted a dragon/water to maintain the theme running through the unit. That now completes a workable core unit of 14 models but I still need a few more for my army. Getting a little bit bored of painting these models now. It's hard work but this blog is definitely helping keep me focused.

Should manage to get another 7 Sea Guard complete (back to the island of blood models) taking me to 22 models completed in 30 days. Pretty impressive for me. Might have to cool down next month and spend some time with the Memsaab. Also have a nice Elven tower planned and meeting my full Core unit requirements has kept that on the back-burner this month.

Have left the bases to complete as a job lot on Bank Holiday Monday.

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