Monday, 1 August 2011

Lye nuquernuva sen e dagor

Well we are now into august and another month of the 'Tale of x gamers' competition. We will get to find out who won the 'pot' for July in the next few days. I have a felling it might be the 'painting numpty' as his tomb kings look excellent. Expect a post indicating that I was obviously cheated though!

When compiling my scores for my fellow gamers I came to realise that we have lost a few entrants but I for one and still in the competition and it really helps motivate me to paint. And I will need as much motivation as I can get this month! Read on...

You may have noticed that up to now I have been painting special units and heroes/lords. Mainly because the miniatures look so enticing. To field a fully painted army on the battle field I really need to get on with some core units. This brings me to my aim for August: a unit of High Elf Sea-guard. I don't know if this is a stretch for me, especially as I am still working over the summer while some of my fellow gamers/painters aren't; but I'm going to try and paint a unit 7*4 (without fillers) in size. That's 7 models a week. Ergh! So I'm really upping the quantity here and probably have my work cut out. Anyway, here they are in their undercoated glory:

The Island of Blood set (8th edition warhammer) came with 10 fantastic looking sea guard. To flesh out the unit I have purchased some spearmen models off EBay. Attaching a bow and quiver to their back and painting the shield with a suitable design will turn them into more Sea-guard. Then I have 3 spearmen from the 5th edition of warhammer to fill the empty spaces (my own bit of cheaphammer).

I also need to get another Sword Master painted, as my smaller army (~1500pts) doesn't have the lvl 2 mage to support my unit of Masters so there is a space to fill:

So we are now 3 months into the competition and I haven't even shown you where the magic happens... no not the bedroom... here:

I use to paint on the floor but that was giving me some serious pins and needles in my legs! While at a service station (on my way up to Northumbria) I came across this laptop cushion. It had a handy section for my paint brushes and even a cup holder for my water pot! A nice hard top and a soft bean-bag style cushion underneath so I can sit on the sofa and paint! Perfect, so I snapped it up. Was only about £8 too. The LED light was a bit lame though so I 'aquired' a day light lamp which sits in the clamp you can see on the left of the picture. Be interesting to see what setups other people have.

When driving to the club for my first few games I soon realised my models ended up all over the shop. So the shim steel you can see (on the table) is glued onto the movement tray. I then use rare-earth magnets to stick to models onto the tray for easy transit. The shim steel is pretty cheap too.

So that's my first post for August. Should see me back again soon as I have my first campaign game against Tomb Kings on Thursday.

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