Thursday, 25 August 2011

Khila amin...

So you can all appreciate the time and effort I take in painting these core unit models here is my step by step guide for painting elves:

Step 1 - Undercoat in Chaos Black. I spray all my models using the GW canisters. Expensive but quick.

Step 2 - A base coat of Mithril Silver on all metal/armour/helmet (making sure I leave some chaos black showing at all edges). Scorched brown base coat for areas of skin, wood, weapons (bow, spear, sword hilt), cloth work (gloves, rope) and gold metal areas.

Step 3 - Base coat of regal blue on sash, helmet plume, decoration, armour edging etc. Codex grey on cloth under-garments, shield, decoration.

Step 4 - Highlight skin with Elf Flesh. Weapon handles get a coat of Bleached bone. I use Burnished Gold for all the nice decorative shiny bits. I try to leave some Scorched brown at the edges but it is not a main focus as the ink stage will bring out the detail again. I highlight the gloves with Snakebite leather. Any string/rope like features are highlighted with Dheneb stone.

Step 5 - Inking stage. Armour, helmet and weapon blades get covered in Badab Black wash. Skin, weapon hilt, fancy gold bits get inked with Ogryn Flesh wash.

Step 6 - Highlight cloth under-garments and shield with Skull White. Leave codex grey showing in all creases and crevices.

Step 7 - Highlight. Highlight armour and weapon blades with Mithril Silver. Highlight gold areas with Burnished Gold. Highlight  sash, helmet plume, decoration, armour edging etc with Enchanted Blue. Areas of skin get another coat of Elf Flesh avoiding the eyes. Another coat of Bleached bone is applied to weapon hilts, leaving inked sections at the edges for detail.

Step 8 - Finishing touches. One final highlight of ice blue for sash, helmet plume, decoration, armour edging etc. Gems are painted in Blood Red, with highlights of Red Gore, Blazing Orange and Skull white at the edges. Similar colours are used on the shields. Eyes are painted chaos black and then tiny spots of skull white applied in the corners. The base is covered in PVA glue and dipped in fine grain sand and the model is ready for basing.

Note - Some of the sea-guard models are garbed with sea-weed. I paint this as I would an Orc. Base coat of Dark Angel green. A coat of Snot green and a final highlight of Goblin green.

You can't see the hair on this model. I am painting all my elves blond. They get a base coat of scorched brown. The area is highlighted with Snakebite leather and Dheneb Stone before the inking stage. After a flesh wash I add one final highlight of Dheneb stone. Seems to result in a realistic elf blond... I'm thinking Legolas here. I sometimes dry brush with sunburst yellow but find this a very fake looking colour so more often don't. 


  1. Bugger me and i thought i went into to much detail on my core! I've never thought of using brown as an undercoat to gold. Gonna try that from now on :-)

    As ever looking incredibly good

  2. Cheers ears!

    I've always done Brown under gold sicne I was a teen. I just find the GW gold paints really weak and watery. The brown really makes them look great (and means you only need 1 coat). But they are even better followed with a flesh wash (to make it look like a tarnished brass) and highlighted back to gold. I don't use anything other than burnished gold. I can't stand shining gold. It looks so fake!

    Got another 7 finished last night. So thats 21 sea-guard. Pretty impressive. Just need to base them before posting my final picture for the month on Tuesday!

    Might hit the scenery next month. I need a tower.