Monday, 11 July 2011

Nae saian luume'

Its been a week since my last post. I'm struggling to make my July deadline even now. My own little pixie's are attacking what I hold dear for painting... my time. No time means no visits to the club recently for a good bit of Warhammer. Instead I have been playing 'Go away Monster' with a 3 year old. It doesn't quite quench my desire for a good strategic battle but alas I can highly recommend this board game for those with younger pixies biting at their ankles.

Anyway back on topic, with Kieron getting our 'Tale of x gamers' campaign started:
I thought it was time to give you an update on my progress so far.  But before I do a small hand written note was recently found on the shores on Bretonnia on the sea of claws coastline:

I wonder what it could mean?

Painting wise I have now finished my Knights... well the riders in any case... well almost. Shields left to paint and then I need to add a bow to the mounted prince to finish that model. To complete the steeds I need some more Codex Grey. I ran out painting the last batch. I put the order in to Games Workshop along with some Storm of Magic Battle Magic cards. I'm still waiting for the 'shineys' to arrive. I'm guessing they will be waiting at home today and I can crack the whip and get these horses completed. That will leave the mounted mage to paint an month's end.

Oh and my bit of scenery.

I'm unsure on whether to go with a darker sand colour for the inner section of the stone. Thoughts/comments?  I will be inscribing (to fulfill my free hand commitment) some fitting Elven runes and gems stones to each side. I did want to find or make a nice vine I could use to creep up the sides of the structure so it was a little less plain. Anyone got any tips for a creating or buying a nice vine to suit this? I then need to create a base for the structure. I was going to have it sat atop a rocky outcrop with a camp fire stirring below. I'll see how I get on.

You will notice that the above is painted a nice shade of Bleached Bone. Obviously to paint scenery with the tiny little GW paints is a little bit silly and by no means cost effective. I therefore went on my own 'cheaphammer' hunt to a strange bazaar locally known as Meadowhell! I found some acrylic paint in WHS.

Their acrylic paint range makes some good substitutes for the Citadel paints; sand is especially remarkably similar to the aforementioned Bleached Bone. The tubes of paint cost around £4/6 each and are of the consistency of the gloppy mess you might find on a good oil painting. You thin them down with water to easily reproduce the Citadel paint. This means you get even more for your buck (I'm estimating at least 10-15 little Citadel pots per tube) and is my little input to the whole 'Cheaphammer' ethos we have running through this GIMPS project. I thought I would share this with you.

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  1. I prefer the lighter paint on your scenery. If you add the vines and glyphs it wont look as plain. Afraid ive never looked for such though so cant recommend where to get any...
    Knights are looking good! Add a target on their helms tho for me please ;-)