Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mae govannen

So we are now starting holiday/silly season. I'm hearing tales from fellow gamers of their increased gaming/painting time now they don't have to study or work. I however am in research academia and thus my work load increases as we find ourselves with more time to run longer and longer experiments. So my blogging has started to slow as I become busier and busier at work. But as to not let Mr Cheaphammer down and give him something to read over the next 6 weeks, here I am posting again. This isn't a post for my July painting target, that will follow on Friday for marking. Remember, you only have yourself to blame; I see your Dragon Mr Cheaphammer and raise you a mounted High Elf Dragon (click on the image to make it bigger):

The mounted High Elf Dragon is going to form the centre piece of my large army. I first clapped my eyes on this model during my first Warhammer 8th edition game at Craig's place when he kindly taught me the basics (back in Nov/Dec 2010). Even in it's unpainted state I thought it was a magnificent model, very majestic and exactly how a dragon should look. The model's wing-span looked gigantic against the smaller infantry models. In battle the dragon also proved its worth, showing how powerful it can be. As my previous posts detail, I lost that first battle but the Dragon had captured my imagination. It went straight onto my Christmas list. I must have been a good boy last year, as on the 25th of December my very own Dragon model sat waiting under the tree. It took me the next 3 months to paint it to the standard you see before your eyes:

I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. I kept with the box art colours for this model as I think the blue-white mix really suits the Elves. I particularly like the ice blue highlighting on the scales and you may of noticed I followed this through with all my High Elf models for this 'Tales of' competition. This model was my first attempt at properly basing a model. Usually I just painted the base green. Here I actually, covered it in sand, painted it brown, dry brushed with stone and then added the grass flock in certain areas. The dragon set also comes with some plastic base details. I added the collapsed mini-waystone as this screams Elf!

I have painted the Elf prince with a Star Lance. The eyes on that character are some of the best I have ever painted. However, does a lance wielding rider limit the playability of the model? What if I want the rider to take a mighty sword instead? Could I really pass a prince wielding a lance as a level 2 dragon mage? Well I thought ahead; I made the rider hot-swappable. I attached a small piece of shim steel to the saddle and a couple of rare-earth magnets underneath the rider. I can now swap him for a mage or another character with a different weapon, to please all those warhammer purists out there.

While painting the dragon earlier this year, I wondered, why do I like Dragon's so much? It took me back to my childhood and a film my Dad got me to watch. All I could remember was the film about a Science nerd who gets transported to some kind of fantasy world where he battles a nasty dude and eventually destroys him by sprouting off some clever sciency words... like differentiation, algebra and all that stuff. Luckily we live in the age of the Internet and I was able to spend 30 minutes looking for the film. Turns out it was called "Flight of Dragons". I even managed to 'acquire' a copy and watch it again. Its a real hoot and if you haven't seen it I can highly recommend it if not only for it's rather nifty theme tune and opening sequence:

I really like how the film explains how such a large beast can actually fly. I'll leave the science bit (its pretty similar to the explanation of how a certain hair product increases your hairs volume... i.e. complete rubbish) to the film. If you want a gander let me know and I'll send you the VHS rip.

So back on topic, I'm yet to paint the other Dragon riders. That might form a months goal towards the 'Tale of' competition. I'll see what happens. I still have the banner to paint and an waiting for Lee who kindly offered to print me a symbol on transfer paper. I don't trust my free hand skills on my centre piece model.

With regards to my July target, I have completed all the miniatures and am doing the finishing touches to the Dildo. This has meant some extravagant purchases recently:

The E-bay moderators must wonder what I get up to. With most of my target complete by earlier this week I am doing a piece of bonus scenery all with the aim of creating my own Battlefield to use at Home... so I can host all your pretty faces at my place one day. At the weekend I got a battle mat and here is a sneak peak of what I have been working on for it:

So that's my update for this week, to keep you all busy with something to read. I'll post my models for marking on Friday night/Saturday morning. I'd like to add the following disclaimer - I was going to post details of my dragon before Kieron did. I'm not jumping on the parade. In-fact I was tempted to leave it out for a few months, but then he asked so kindly for it.


  1. WOW!

    I hate you...

    Side note - for a cheap and easy terrain piece, stick a miniature on it's base on top of a cotton reel. Paint Codex Grey, wash with Badab Black,drybrush to highlight and Bob's you uncle - a Sinister Statue.

    The choice of model makes it more or less appropriate for your army - e.g. you'd use a spare High Elf. You could even use a cavalry model and use something other than a cotton reel.

  2. Thanks for the tip... Could use some of the old Warhammer elf spearmen as they look pretty statue-esque! Might even make some kind of fancy Eleven watch tower...

    The boardgame guys and I managed to devour a tube of pringles that would do perfectly! Bit of PVA glue time!

  3. That's the spirit!

    Think Disney and a conical roof, then you don't have to worry about crenellations.