Friday, 29 July 2011


Back so soon I hear you ask... well this is my final post for July and showcases my months work for marking by my fellow 'Tale of x' gamers. This gives me 3 nights off painting to spend with the wife before declaring my august target and getting the brushes out again. I have a strange feeling that if I don't put the brush down I will end up in the divorce courts!

I have completed my proposed target for July.

I said I would complete 5 more Silver Helms for my 1200pt army:

I now have enough models for a single unit of Silver Helms in 3 ranks. Using lances on a charge should give me +2 strength and 16 die to roll (Champion has 2 attacks). With Speed of Asyrun I always hit first and can generally re-roll misses, so this is quite a force to be reckoned with; especially with their 2+ armour save. You will notice all the shields are of different design to those posted in June (just to prove I did actually paint them) and again I have hand painted suitable Eleven runes on the riders equipment (more innuendo!):

Next up was a mounted Prince to lead the helms into battle. This model was a 'conversion' from Silver Helm and lots of old out of production Dragon Prince bits. I added an old High elf spearman shield to his back and attached a bow and quiver to the horse:

I also said I would complete a mounted Mage to support this unit; and here he is:

Hoping he will ride with the Helms and augment them with some nice Ward saves! Otherwise they are a bit squishy to heavier attacks. Again lots of Eleven Runes on his cloak to make him look all clever and stuff. I'm particularly chuffed with how the green orb atop of the mount turned out. This has the possibility of being used as an Annulian Crystal in my army.

As I stated earlier in the month, more mounted characters was a little bit 'samey'. How could I up the ante... I decided to paint some Eleven scenery. This would be specific to the High Elf army and would go towards creating my own battle field so I can host games at my house. Anyway, you the reader has seen a sneak peak of the finished dildo Waystone in the above, but here it is in all it's glory:

The mounted Mage is sat next to the waystone to give you an idea of the scale of the monument! I have noticed quite a few battle reports creeping into to people's blogs... instead of having fun playing I have been gluing individual ivy leaves (yes, one by one) onto the vine creeping up the Waystone. The effect looks great. I also got hold of some red gems to adorn the waystone so it matches the models. The sides of the waystone have the usual Eleven runes.

So with that waystone my target was met:

5 Silver Helms
1 Mounted Prince
1 Mounted Mage
1 Waystone

But it wouldn't be the same without adding a bonus in for good measure would it? So here is my bonus creation for July, a hill type base for the waystone. It has a rocky outcropped front for the waystone to sit upon. I also sculpted some steps (see previous post) leading up to the waystone so the entire structure can act as a pseudo fulcrum for when I save up enough reddies for the Storm of Magic expansion. Here is my Mage from June getting ready for the task:

The waystone can be detached from the base so the outcrop can be used as a normal flock covered hill for positioning a repeater bolt thrower or a unit of archers.

So here is a final picture showing my entry into the July segment of the 'Tale of x gamers' competition:

I will post my august target next week but with work picking up I may have to reduce my ambition and just try and paint a core unit!


  1. It's all looking ace. That waystone is huge!

    One small point, before Lee accuses you of cheating again, in three ranks, the rear rank won't get to attack, and in the second rank only the riders can attack.

    Although you've still got 16 attacks because you've got ten elves including a champion, and five horses.

  2. I thought, normal fighting is front rank full attacks, 2nd rank 1 attack. Then...

    Spears can fight in 1 additional rank and offer +1 strength during charge

    Lances are equivalent to spears but offer +2 strength

  3. No. Lances just give the strength bonus, and spears don't offer the extra rank to cavalry anyway.

  4. So Sea Guard get to fight in 4 ranks...

    1) Normal attacks
    2) Support attacks
    3) Spears
    4) Martial Prowess

    5 ranks of they are a horde. Follows that helms would get
    1) Normal
    2) Support
    3) Lances

  5. hrm... the romantic night on the sofa must be put off while I read the rule book... again!

  6. If only Elves were clever enough to have a unit of cavalry made from a front rank of dragon princes and a back rank of helms!

  7. Hey! I only mention his cheating every single time I mention his name or it comes up naturally...

    Looking good as always bud. I need to get some terrain sorting out. And a board. There was some nice polystyrene rock outcrops at TS that I may try to copy and snow flock. I have some and a wire cutter that I have never used and 5 weeks left off work so... :)

  8. Seaguard

    1. Normal
    2. Support
    3. Spears
    4. Cheating Elf Spears

    Silver Helms

    1. Normal
    2. Support

    Cavalry get a Strength bonus from Spears when they charge, Infantry don't. Infantry with Spears get an additional rank to fight when they aren't charging, Cavalry don't.

    And anyway, Lances aren't Spears. :)

    Your extra rank isn't a waste however as it does mean that the fighting ranks are preserved for longer (Elves, no matter how well armoured, are hurt by shooting), which means that they are more likely to remove steadfast when they hit a flank, and you could also extend your ranks to 6-6-3 for another 3 attacks.

  9. My turn to hate you now for spoiling my high regard for Silver Helms.

    Still might field them against Criag... see how they fair.