Monday, 4 July 2011

Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin

The June results for the GIMPS gaming group 'Tale of x gamers' competition were published on 1st July... it would appear that although my Elves are absolutely useless on the battle field (absolutely nothing to do with their commander) my fellow gamers like my miniatures and my blog updates; I won!

National Elf Service -  41 points
Painting by Numpty  - 38
Pushed Into battle  - 35
Cheaphammer!!!  - 31
Pavement Orcs  - 31
My Chaos Army  - 29
Crumbling foundations - 23

Really chuffed, especially considering some of the stiff competition I was facing in terms of painting quality. So everyone can expect lots of bragging when I eventually make it to the club! Bugger it... I'll brag on here... I'm brilliant, your rubbish... nah nah na nah na!

So what is on the cards for July? - I've already stated this but no harm in repeating so it is clear what my goals for the month ahead are. After playing that 1200pt battle against Lee, I really want to build up my Silver Helms so I can field 15. So that's another 5 knights and horses to paint. I'm also going to try and get two characters completed, a mounted Mage and a mounted Prince who will probably be my army general for a 2000pt battle. The general is my only 'conversion' (if I can call it that) for this month. He is a old Metal Dragon Prince, whose Silver Helm mount will be given a suitably impressive head! All in all this unit of 15+ knights Its going to make one scary unit!

I hear the screams of 'well that's pretty similar to last month','you can't win 2 months in a row with that pathetic amount', etc etc. That and all my bragging rights (above) has just about sealed my fate for July... from first to last in one foul swoop. Or has it...

Time to up the ante boys... with this:

Can you guess what it is? And no it is not my effort to out Ann Summers as leading sex toy retailer on the high street. I will also complete this as part of my July target (who needs to buy the GW magic Fulcrums!).

Now what shall I spend my £6 on... hrm maybe a trip to the Wargames Emporium in Sheffield ( is on the cards for this lunchtime!


  1. I reckon £6 might get you a second hand repeater bolt thrower, if they've got one.

    A good addition to help weaken the targets you send your squishy knights charging at. :)

  2. Already got 3... Ready for the grand army!

  3. Then £6 will get you a Griffon-riding-Prince from the Island of Blood set. A nice model to paint as a reward for getting the incentive bonus this month.

  4. You should buy me a pint for not lying and saying Kieron won :)

  5. But I want an Alarielle miniature :(