Friday, 29 July 2011


Back so soon I hear you ask... well this is my final post for July and showcases my months work for marking by my fellow 'Tale of x' gamers. This gives me 3 nights off painting to spend with the wife before declaring my august target and getting the brushes out again. I have a strange feeling that if I don't put the brush down I will end up in the divorce courts!

I have completed my proposed target for July.

I said I would complete 5 more Silver Helms for my 1200pt army:

I now have enough models for a single unit of Silver Helms in 3 ranks. Using lances on a charge should give me +2 strength and 16 die to roll (Champion has 2 attacks). With Speed of Asyrun I always hit first and can generally re-roll misses, so this is quite a force to be reckoned with; especially with their 2+ armour save. You will notice all the shields are of different design to those posted in June (just to prove I did actually paint them) and again I have hand painted suitable Eleven runes on the riders equipment (more innuendo!):

Next up was a mounted Prince to lead the helms into battle. This model was a 'conversion' from Silver Helm and lots of old out of production Dragon Prince bits. I added an old High elf spearman shield to his back and attached a bow and quiver to the horse:

I also said I would complete a mounted Mage to support this unit; and here he is:

Hoping he will ride with the Helms and augment them with some nice Ward saves! Otherwise they are a bit squishy to heavier attacks. Again lots of Eleven Runes on his cloak to make him look all clever and stuff. I'm particularly chuffed with how the green orb atop of the mount turned out. This has the possibility of being used as an Annulian Crystal in my army.

As I stated earlier in the month, more mounted characters was a little bit 'samey'. How could I up the ante... I decided to paint some Eleven scenery. This would be specific to the High Elf army and would go towards creating my own battle field so I can host games at my house. Anyway, you the reader has seen a sneak peak of the finished dildo Waystone in the above, but here it is in all it's glory:

The mounted Mage is sat next to the waystone to give you an idea of the scale of the monument! I have noticed quite a few battle reports creeping into to people's blogs... instead of having fun playing I have been gluing individual ivy leaves (yes, one by one) onto the vine creeping up the Waystone. The effect looks great. I also got hold of some red gems to adorn the waystone so it matches the models. The sides of the waystone have the usual Eleven runes.

So with that waystone my target was met:

5 Silver Helms
1 Mounted Prince
1 Mounted Mage
1 Waystone

But it wouldn't be the same without adding a bonus in for good measure would it? So here is my bonus creation for July, a hill type base for the waystone. It has a rocky outcropped front for the waystone to sit upon. I also sculpted some steps (see previous post) leading up to the waystone so the entire structure can act as a pseudo fulcrum for when I save up enough reddies for the Storm of Magic expansion. Here is my Mage from June getting ready for the task:

The waystone can be detached from the base so the outcrop can be used as a normal flock covered hill for positioning a repeater bolt thrower or a unit of archers.

So here is a final picture showing my entry into the July segment of the 'Tale of x gamers' competition:

I will post my august target next week but with work picking up I may have to reduce my ambition and just try and paint a core unit!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mae govannen

So we are now starting holiday/silly season. I'm hearing tales from fellow gamers of their increased gaming/painting time now they don't have to study or work. I however am in research academia and thus my work load increases as we find ourselves with more time to run longer and longer experiments. So my blogging has started to slow as I become busier and busier at work. But as to not let Mr Cheaphammer down and give him something to read over the next 6 weeks, here I am posting again. This isn't a post for my July painting target, that will follow on Friday for marking. Remember, you only have yourself to blame; I see your Dragon Mr Cheaphammer and raise you a mounted High Elf Dragon (click on the image to make it bigger):

The mounted High Elf Dragon is going to form the centre piece of my large army. I first clapped my eyes on this model during my first Warhammer 8th edition game at Craig's place when he kindly taught me the basics (back in Nov/Dec 2010). Even in it's unpainted state I thought it was a magnificent model, very majestic and exactly how a dragon should look. The model's wing-span looked gigantic against the smaller infantry models. In battle the dragon also proved its worth, showing how powerful it can be. As my previous posts detail, I lost that first battle but the Dragon had captured my imagination. It went straight onto my Christmas list. I must have been a good boy last year, as on the 25th of December my very own Dragon model sat waiting under the tree. It took me the next 3 months to paint it to the standard you see before your eyes:

I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. I kept with the box art colours for this model as I think the blue-white mix really suits the Elves. I particularly like the ice blue highlighting on the scales and you may of noticed I followed this through with all my High Elf models for this 'Tales of' competition. This model was my first attempt at properly basing a model. Usually I just painted the base green. Here I actually, covered it in sand, painted it brown, dry brushed with stone and then added the grass flock in certain areas. The dragon set also comes with some plastic base details. I added the collapsed mini-waystone as this screams Elf!

I have painted the Elf prince with a Star Lance. The eyes on that character are some of the best I have ever painted. However, does a lance wielding rider limit the playability of the model? What if I want the rider to take a mighty sword instead? Could I really pass a prince wielding a lance as a level 2 dragon mage? Well I thought ahead; I made the rider hot-swappable. I attached a small piece of shim steel to the saddle and a couple of rare-earth magnets underneath the rider. I can now swap him for a mage or another character with a different weapon, to please all those warhammer purists out there.

While painting the dragon earlier this year, I wondered, why do I like Dragon's so much? It took me back to my childhood and a film my Dad got me to watch. All I could remember was the film about a Science nerd who gets transported to some kind of fantasy world where he battles a nasty dude and eventually destroys him by sprouting off some clever sciency words... like differentiation, algebra and all that stuff. Luckily we live in the age of the Internet and I was able to spend 30 minutes looking for the film. Turns out it was called "Flight of Dragons". I even managed to 'acquire' a copy and watch it again. Its a real hoot and if you haven't seen it I can highly recommend it if not only for it's rather nifty theme tune and opening sequence:

I really like how the film explains how such a large beast can actually fly. I'll leave the science bit (its pretty similar to the explanation of how a certain hair product increases your hairs volume... i.e. complete rubbish) to the film. If you want a gander let me know and I'll send you the VHS rip.

So back on topic, I'm yet to paint the other Dragon riders. That might form a months goal towards the 'Tale of' competition. I'll see what happens. I still have the banner to paint and an waiting for Lee who kindly offered to print me a symbol on transfer paper. I don't trust my free hand skills on my centre piece model.

With regards to my July target, I have completed all the miniatures and am doing the finishing touches to the Dildo. This has meant some extravagant purchases recently:

The E-bay moderators must wonder what I get up to. With most of my target complete by earlier this week I am doing a piece of bonus scenery all with the aim of creating my own Battlefield to use at Home... so I can host all your pretty faces at my place one day. At the weekend I got a battle mat and here is a sneak peak of what I have been working on for it:

So that's my update for this week, to keep you all busy with something to read. I'll post my models for marking on Friday night/Saturday morning. I'd like to add the following disclaimer - I was going to post details of my dragon before Kieron did. I'm not jumping on the parade. In-fact I was tempted to leave it out for a few months, but then he asked so kindly for it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lle naa haran e' nausalle

This week my goodies from the Games Workshop finally turned up. I ordered the battle magic spell book for Storm of Magic (the latest Warhammer expansion). Yet to order the actual rule book for Storm of Magic but as experience has taught me you are better getting the limited edition stuff first than scouring EBay at a later date when you think 'oh that would be useful'. To take my order above £10 and qualify for free delivery (does that count as Cheaphammer Kieron?) I added some codex grey. I needed this to paint the steeds as part of July's painting target.

So with the paint pot arriving this week I have completed the horses. I need to finish the bases but these are just a sand layer painted with scorched brown, then dry-brushed in snakebite leather and Dheneb stone. I then spread PVA glue in random locations before dipping in grass flock. Nothing as fancy as Craig's sandstone pavements but I think they suit the elves well and the green/brown compliments the blue/silver garb of the elves.

So I'm now moving onto my second character model for this month a mounted High Elf mage. With just under 2 weeks of painting left I can feel the pressure waning.

Most of you will probably notice I haven't been to the club recently for any war gaming fix. My young family is again owning my time. I am  however, still managing to get some board gaming in (If you can call it that?). At the weekend we played a eight player game of Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition.

For those not in the know Twilight Imperium Third Edition is an epic empire-building game of interstellar conflict, trade, and struggle for power. Players take the roles of ancient galactic civilizations, each seeking to seize the imperial throne via warfare, diplomacy, and technological progression. The galaxy is created from various large hexes which represent space or planetary systems. The later offer your civilization resources and influence on which to build your empire. It is basically a massive strategy war game set in space which I think is an excellent substitute for a good table top war game. The only downside... we started playing at 11am and didn't finish till midnight! Wow! 

I was a race known as the L1z1x Mindnet.  I could build lots of cheap, powerful dreadnoughts (powerful capital ships). I also started with some healthy technology meaning I could quickly build warsuns (the most powerful unit in the game) I must of scared the opposition off as not once was I attacked by my fellow players. I did however play a very bad game. As with most boardgames the aim is to claim victory points not terrorise your neighbouring alien races with your large arsenal. I forgot this and spent most of the game annoying races on the other side of the galaxy by utilising a handy nearby wormhole. Craig on the other hand didn't, he played an excellent game claiming points each round and securing victory. As we finished the galaxy looked like this:

I was using the purple units. Its a great game and if anyone is interested in playing let me know! We are always on the look out for new blood players.

Twilight imperium and my recent warhammer/painting obsession probably says a lot about me. Maybe I do think I am King in my imagination. Its not the easiest of hobbies to maintain while rearing a family but I love it... and so to make sure I can spend time painting my other hobby, reading has gone out of the window. I was actually reading the entire Disc-world series before this 'Tale of x gamers' competition (and now campaign started). I was reading 1 book a month and had reached novel 25 The Truth. Got me thinking, what if anything have my fellow gamers given up so that they can fulfill their painting targets?

Monday, 11 July 2011

Nae saian luume'

Its been a week since my last post. I'm struggling to make my July deadline even now. My own little pixie's are attacking what I hold dear for painting... my time. No time means no visits to the club recently for a good bit of Warhammer. Instead I have been playing 'Go away Monster' with a 3 year old. It doesn't quite quench my desire for a good strategic battle but alas I can highly recommend this board game for those with younger pixies biting at their ankles.

Anyway back on topic, with Kieron getting our 'Tale of x gamers' campaign started:
I thought it was time to give you an update on my progress so far.  But before I do a small hand written note was recently found on the shores on Bretonnia on the sea of claws coastline:

I wonder what it could mean?

Painting wise I have now finished my Knights... well the riders in any case... well almost. Shields left to paint and then I need to add a bow to the mounted prince to finish that model. To complete the steeds I need some more Codex Grey. I ran out painting the last batch. I put the order in to Games Workshop along with some Storm of Magic Battle Magic cards. I'm still waiting for the 'shineys' to arrive. I'm guessing they will be waiting at home today and I can crack the whip and get these horses completed. That will leave the mounted mage to paint an month's end.

Oh and my bit of scenery.

I'm unsure on whether to go with a darker sand colour for the inner section of the stone. Thoughts/comments?  I will be inscribing (to fulfill my free hand commitment) some fitting Elven runes and gems stones to each side. I did want to find or make a nice vine I could use to creep up the sides of the structure so it was a little less plain. Anyone got any tips for a creating or buying a nice vine to suit this? I then need to create a base for the structure. I was going to have it sat atop a rocky outcrop with a camp fire stirring below. I'll see how I get on.

You will notice that the above is painted a nice shade of Bleached Bone. Obviously to paint scenery with the tiny little GW paints is a little bit silly and by no means cost effective. I therefore went on my own 'cheaphammer' hunt to a strange bazaar locally known as Meadowhell! I found some acrylic paint in WHS.

Their acrylic paint range makes some good substitutes for the Citadel paints; sand is especially remarkably similar to the aforementioned Bleached Bone. The tubes of paint cost around £4/6 each and are of the consistency of the gloppy mess you might find on a good oil painting. You thin them down with water to easily reproduce the Citadel paint. This means you get even more for your buck (I'm estimating at least 10-15 little Citadel pots per tube) and is my little input to the whole 'Cheaphammer' ethos we have running through this GIMPS project. I thought I would share this with you.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin

The June results for the GIMPS gaming group 'Tale of x gamers' competition were published on 1st July... it would appear that although my Elves are absolutely useless on the battle field (absolutely nothing to do with their commander) my fellow gamers like my miniatures and my blog updates; I won!

National Elf Service -  41 points
Painting by Numpty  - 38
Pushed Into battle  - 35
Cheaphammer!!!  - 31
Pavement Orcs  - 31
My Chaos Army  - 29
Crumbling foundations - 23

Really chuffed, especially considering some of the stiff competition I was facing in terms of painting quality. So everyone can expect lots of bragging when I eventually make it to the club! Bugger it... I'll brag on here... I'm brilliant, your rubbish... nah nah na nah na!

So what is on the cards for July? - I've already stated this but no harm in repeating so it is clear what my goals for the month ahead are. After playing that 1200pt battle against Lee, I really want to build up my Silver Helms so I can field 15. So that's another 5 knights and horses to paint. I'm also going to try and get two characters completed, a mounted Mage and a mounted Prince who will probably be my army general for a 2000pt battle. The general is my only 'conversion' (if I can call it that) for this month. He is a old Metal Dragon Prince, whose Silver Helm mount will be given a suitably impressive head! All in all this unit of 15+ knights Its going to make one scary unit!

I hear the screams of 'well that's pretty similar to last month','you can't win 2 months in a row with that pathetic amount', etc etc. That and all my bragging rights (above) has just about sealed my fate for July... from first to last in one foul swoop. Or has it...

Time to up the ante boys... with this:

Can you guess what it is? And no it is not my effort to out Ann Summers as leading sex toy retailer on the high street. I will also complete this as part of my July target (who needs to buy the GW magic Fulcrums!).

Now what shall I spend my £6 on... hrm maybe a trip to the Wargames Emporium in Sheffield ( is on the cards for this lunchtime!