Wednesday, 8 June 2011

'The Shadow does not hold sway yet'

The shadow of painting fatigue is but a distant blur on the horizon at the moment. I expect that to change as this blog continues.

So my starting point - Well as the previous post noted I purchased the 8th edition of Warhammer: The Island of Blood. This came with several Elf models including 10 Sword Masters, 10 Sea Guard, 5 Ellyrian Reavers, 1 Mage and 1 Prince riding a Griffon. From gaming past I had Prince Tyrion, a Bolt Thrower, a hero on a horse drawn chariot, 20 archers and 20 spearmen. Like many fellow wargamers I have a young family and so need to reduce costs (by avoiding GW at all costs). I have been hitting Ebay for some cheap models to flesh out that initial force. Purchases include: 1 white lion chariot, 14 Sword Masters, 8 Shadow Warriors, 2 High Elf Dragons, 18 archers, 20 spearmen (doubling as sea guard), 2 Bolt Throwers, several heroes and mages, 18 Silver Helms.

I do have a single confession to make, the purchase of a box of Dragon Princes from GW!

All together this has built quite a force. I had no plan in mind when buying the models... I just went for what looked fun to paint and put on display in the house (the Memsaab is still getting used to this idea)!

Since my teenage years my patience with painting has improved. I have already painted a unit of 11 Sword Masters with a Mage support. I think they look good but welcome any comments/criticism regarding the paint job. I am basing all my models as if on a grass covered battle field (boring and easy).

The unit has all command models and this is the level of detail I want to carry across the entire army:

My initial thoughts were to have the unit supported with as High Magic Mage (Lv II). I added several runes from the High elf army book to his cloak:

I have also already painted a Tyrion, a single Bolt thrower, Hero on a Chariot and a Prince on a Dragon. I will add pictures of these models at a later date.

For now the question is where from here. Well after playing 3 battles at the GIMPS club I have a feeling that my main power house unit will be Silver Helms equipped with heavy armour, Shields and lances. This unit will have full command models and be supported by a mounted prince and a battle standard. So...

MONTH 1 I will paint a unit of 10 silver helms. I have already finished the barded mounts. Just the riders to go. I have separated the lances off the models for ease of painting.

MONTH 2 I will paint the mounted battle standard. This will be a conversion using the mounted Prince GW model and the standards from the spearmen and archer units.

Please leave me some feedback below...

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