Monday, 27 June 2011

Ona ta a'amin

Well I managed to get another model painted before the June deadline for the GIMPS 'Tale of x gamers' competition. Some of you got a sneak peek on Thursday when the model took to the battle field. It is a mounted Noble acting as my army Battle Standard Barer (click the picture to make it bigger):

This is my first real attempt at a conversion so I'd appreciate any feedback. I converted the banner from the Archer and Spearmen GW sets. Runes are hand painted again and are appropriate for the Battle Banner (see High Elf Codex). The lance is a Silver Helm lance blade and has part of an axe from the High Elf Dragon Lord kit.  The mount and shield are from the Noble set and the body and legs are standard Silver Helm so they fit with the rest of my unit. Really think the base gives something extra to this model.

So with the June painting deadline (29th) quickly approaching I have 2 days of painting left. Doubt I will get any more models finished as I'm out on Tuesday night and my own little Pixie kept me up till 3am last night so it's early to bed tonight! So with that I present my models (June quota) to be judged (by you my adoring fans):

That's 10 fully painted Silver Helms with mounts and 1 Battle Standard Barer Character. You can see the Silver Helms up close on a previous post (and also photos of them in a Black Undercoat - to prove I did actually paint them this month).

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  1. The conversion is excellent. You can't tell it is one like all the best ones :)
    Really nice paint jobs to! I wish I could do freehand so well...

    Love, adoring fan number 1 ;)