Friday, 17 June 2011


These late nights holding the baby have meant lots of painting time and as to not be outdone by a certain "Cheaphammer" I have now completed the 10 Silver Helms as my June painting target.

The unit has a full command setup and I have decorated some of the miniatures with runes out of the High Elf army book. All models including the unit champion (centre) are armed with a lance for the +2 strength bonus on charge. To keep with the idea that this unit is primarily to be used to charge down the enemy in hope that they break quickly and be mauled during the pursuit I used the runes of Charoi and Senlui (Strength and Swiftness) on the standard and some shields!

It is hoped that this mounted unit will be my main damage dealing unit in the army I field. As the picture shows they are currently on a tray which can hold two more mounted miniatures; and this brings me to my aim for July. I am going to paint a mounted Prince (army general) and a Battle standard to include into this unit. Here they are in their unpainted glory:

The prince will be an OOP metal Dragon Prince (I have even managed to swindle a dragon prince horse head out of Mr "Cheaphammer" himself) and the battle standard will be modified from the pieces shown. I will concentrate on the battle standard first as I have an old Prince Tyrion model that will suffice for the army general if time isn't on my side.

Again Malhindir is garbed with eleven runes appropriate to the stature of this figure, Might/Glory and the eternal flame.

Again leave me some feedback on what you think of the style/colour scheme.

Kudos for knowing what 'Narie' means (without using google now!)


  1. They're looking fantastic, especially with individualised free-hand runes. The colours are suitably Elven and it will be nice to see Silver Helms in use...of course, they'll get crushed by proper cavalry. :)

    What do you mean 'swindled'?

  2. I like the scheme. Very girly elfish :p Nice clean colours & very striking. I can't get that, i'm to lazy...

    With the runes, I've bought some printable transfer paper if you're interested in me doing some for ya? Saves free hand toture though yours look good :)